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We are specialists in high-end 360° panoramic photography.  We hope you enjoy viewing our images and reading about how 360° panoramas are created and used.  We would love to hear your comments (please use the contact form) and of course look forward to every inquiry.  We are working on translating the site and hope to have the German language pages up here soon.


Real Exposure:
IDR Photography
A TSI Exclusive

In order to give viewers of our 360° panoramas the sensation as if they were actually standing on location, we have developed a technique to mimic the wide dynamic range of light that the human eye actually sees.  We call this process Integrated Dynamic Range, or IDR.

IDR is a process where we fuse multiple exposures together to produce images that captivate viewers with their natural intensity and depth.  … read more

Dedicated Real Estate Photo Portal Now Online

A lot of our work has been done with real estate companies, where our high-end 360° panoramas have a strong impact on marketing a property.  Therefore, we have decided to launch a special web site to present our work in this sector.  immo-foto.eu showcases our conventional real estate photography as well as 360° panoramas, including our IDR technology.

As TSI is based in the Munich area, most of our real estate work has been in the German speaking world.  Thus, immo-foto.eu is only available auf Deutsch for the present.  But there is plenty to see even if you do not speak German  … read more

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Is Flash the Future?

Have a house to sell, an office to let, or an event to promote? Or do you want to win over your web site visitors so they choose your hotel or restaurant? No longer do you need a computer to view a 360° panorama.Why can you sometimes look up and down in a panorama and sometimes you cannot? Panorama types briefly explained.Apple is withdrawing support for QuickTimeVR yet will not let Adobe integrate Flash for iPhones and iPads. What's up with that?