360s on Mobile Devices

by Shubby on August 28, 2011

Imagine you are a real estate agent away from the office and a potential client calls you on your cell phone about a property.  You’ll want to get this hot prospect information on the object as soon as possible.  What a better way to make a first impression than to immediately send over a 360° panorama to their mobile device?

The newest trend in 360° panoramas is viewing them on mobile devices.  It is quick, simple, fun and can be a very effective sales tool – a great instant way to follow up on inquiries.  The only (slight) caveat: you have to ask the receiver if they have Windows Mobile or an iPhone, because the formats are different.

Yes, there are now apps to make your own 360°s from your iPhone or Android.  These are neat and fun to play around with, though somewhat rough around the edges.  They are not tools for creating professional panoramas, of course.  But we are fans of anything that helps promote the use and acceptance of 360° panoramas.

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