360° Technology

A panorama image is usually defined as a photograph that shows a greater field of view than the human eye can see.  To get large fields of view the photographer must generally take multiple images in different directions and then merge these into a single photo (see image below).  360° panoramas involve taking shots in a complete circle.  This technique for cylindrical projection was first developed in 1796!

Modern technology goes quite a bit further than this and can incorporate upward and downward shots also to produce spherical or cubical panoramas.  These can look curious, interesting or even bizarre when projected flat,  but the digital projection of these panoramic images – sometimes called Immersive or VR Photography – is quite compelling, since the user can move through the image with the mouse to see in all directions, including up, down and zooming in.

At TSI, we specialize in Immersive 360° Panoramas.  We carefully craft each panorama to bring out the highlights of each space we photograph.  We pay careful attention to the production of the images to give the viewer the feeling of ‘being there’.  Our special technique allows us to create perfectly exposed IDR and vivid HDR panoramas that further heighten the viewer’s experience.

  • 360° Panoramas are interactive and vivid.
  • 360° Panoramas communicate presence and spatial visualization.
  • 360° Panoramas are perfect for real estate, tourism, hotels and recreation, etc.
  • TSI’s specialty is creating life-like IDR panoramic images.

High-end panoramas are made by stitching together multiple individual images.