Digital Media

Panoramic projection technology lies at the heart of much of digital media these days.  Immersive 3D video games use the same type of projection ggg as is often used for 360° panoramas.  Special effects for movies like The Matrix rely heavily on similar spatial capture and projection techniques as used to create immersive panoramas.  It is no surprise, then, that panoramic images are showing up across a broad spectrum of digital media devices.  Now they even are available for smart phones and iPhones.

In our evolving digital world it seems like limits are always being tested and broken.  There is a race going on to create the largest image in the world.  Most of these are panoramas, since they encompass such a large field of view.  Yet at the same time our mobile devices keep getting more compact and more powerful; is anyone old enough to remember the Dick Tracy cartoons really surprised that his wristwatch communicator would become a reality in your lifetime?

TSI focuses on practical applications of our 360° panoramic photography – which means producing media in various formats for our clients so that they can most effectively deliver these to their own customers.  Naturally we start with the now traditional projection of single panoramas over the internet as well as creating interactive virtual tours.  We also specialize in making digital exposes that incorporate other types of media as well.  Local delivery via CD, memory stick or hard drive and WAN delivery on a large bandwidth intranet allow the exposes to offer much higher quality projection – the ideal vehicle for our high-end images.  And of course we also create 360° panoramas the newest development: delivery to mobile devices, so your clients can get an instant immersive look into the space you are promoting.

We would be happy to discuss the various applications and media possibilities of 360° panoramic photography.  Please use the quick contact form on this page or give us a call at +49 (0)89-159 79 445.