by Shubby on September 1, 2011

Dedicated Real Estate Photo Portal Now Online

A lot of our work has been done with real estate companies, where our high-end 360° panoramas have a strong impact on marketing a property.  Therefore, we have decided to launch a special web site to present our work in this sector. showcases our conventional real estate photography as well as 360° panoramas, including our IDR technology.

As TSI is based in the Munich area, most of our real estate work has been in the German speaking world.  Thus, is only available auf Deutsch for the present.  But there is plenty to see even if you do not speak German - there are eight galleries to peruse.  And since hotels can be technically seen as very short term rental properties, we have taken the liberty of including some of our best work in the hospitality sector also.

We try to keep as much unique content on each site as possible, but some duplication is unavoidable.


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